Our Guide To Eating At An Indian Buffet


It’s no secret that Indian cuisine offers a huge amount of options- whether you like something mild or something hot, or you’re a vegetarian or wanting something healthy, Indian cuisine has something for everyone. From the expansive menu of main meals to the even larger catalogue of side dishes, you might find yourself spoilt for choice and sat pondering the menu for an incredibly long time.

When it comes to an Indian buffet, like the one supplied by Nawaab, this indecisiveness can intensify. This time, you aren’t just looking at the description of the meals on the menu, but instead you can see the food and smell it, tantalising your senses to the point where you have no idea which dish to choose. As you take a lap around the available meals, you feel as though you want them all- but, of course, your stomach only has a limited capacity.

So what is the best way to tackle an Indian buffet? After all, we all crave excellent value for money and so, when it comes to a delicious buffet, we all want to leave the table feeling as though we’ve made the most of it. Some of us will lay awake at night dreaming of the tikka masala that got away, or that delicious looking Bombay potato side that we just didn’t have room for, wishing that we’d gone into that buffet with some form of action plan.

Well, when it comes to an Indian buffet, the important thing to remember is that you are not a bottomless pit. This means that the vast majority of us are physically incapable of eating a full portion of every main, and that’s why we recommend taking lots of little bits from each dish. Indian food is alive with flavours and spices that complement each other magnificently, and you should try to take just a spoonful of each curry that takes your fancy- any more than that and you’ll soon find yourself too full to try much else.

The same is true of side dishes. If you really want to make the most out of the variety of foods available to you, you’ll just take one onion bhaji or one samosa, instead of loading your plate with them and filling yourself up prematurely. Having a little bit of everything is a much more effective way of making the most out of an Indian buffet, and is by far better than having a lot of just one or two dishes.

Whenever you head up to the counters to load your plate, you should also bear in mind the spices and flavours that are on display. You have an incredible opportunity to cover your plate with whatever flavours you’d like, and that means taking the time to include chutneys, raita and salads to your plate, as these will complement the main dishes that you’ve already loaded onto your plate.

Here at Nawaab, we provide a mouth-watering buffet in our Indian restaurant in Manchester and have a wide range of delicious dishes available. For any further information in regards to our menu or services, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.