Health Facts About Pakistani Food


The most common type of Pakistani diet is known to contain meat, curry and rice mixed together with an exciting range of spices and colours. It is shocking to know that many people are not aware of the health advantages associated with Pakistani food. Thankfully, here at Nawaab, we’ve come prepared with some exciting health facts…


Every dish in Pakistani cuisine calls for helpings of spice, spice and even more spice! We are not only talking turmeric, ginger and coriander but also your hotter spices. In fact, not only do these spices make a dish taste delicious, they hold numerous health benefits including being able to treat stomach flu, bloating and heartburn.


Roti, or as it is more known, chapatti, is a Pakistani staple food which is traditionally made using flour when the roti’s were made from wheat. However, with multigrain flour on the market offering an equal measurement of wheat, barley and other grains, this means that roti’s are filled with fibre goodness. Plus, their rich and healthy carbs means they provide a lot of energy!

Red Chilli’s

Laal Mirch is another name for red chilli and are seen as a necessity in Pakistani food. It has many health benefits as regular consumption of very spicy food speeds up the metabolism, thus helping to burn excess fat.

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