Things You Didn’t Know About Pakistani Food


Here at Nawaab, we don’t only serve Indian food. In fact, our cuisine is widely varied and includes our succulent range of Pakistani food. The dazzling world of Pakistani cuisine is certainly one to visit and the team here at Nawaab are going to tell you a few things you probably didn’t know about Pakistani Food…

  1. Pakistani food is not the same as Indian food aside from the fact that they both incorporate a range of difference spices into their cooking. What largely separates both styles of cuisine is the methods of cooking used.
  2. A traditional English breakfast is very well known amongst the locals. On the other hand, a traditional Pakistani breakfast consists of bread which has been shallowly fried in oil then toasted. This can also be adapted into parathas, which is a flat bread kneaded into a soft dough and also fried. Whilst they take better freshly cooked, both of these come as a readymade food too for convenience.
  3. During Ramadan, the month that sees Muslims from all over the world fast from sunrise till sunset, foods such as Samosas, patties, rolls and chaat can be seen on the dinner plate when the fast is broken after sunset, and these are just for the starters.
  4. Pakistani street food is a well-known part of the cuisine. For those who have the guts to try Pakistani street food, the delicacies may include Gol Gappe, which are fried pastry balls filled with a spicy mashed potato and chaat, which is a dish consisting off boiled vegetables and raw fruit completed with spices.

If you’re looking for authentic Pakistani food, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the best Pakistani restaurant London has to offer today and book in your table today!