Our New Website Is Now Live!


It’s no secret that Royal Nawaab is the best Indian and Pakistani restaurant in Manchester, and that you won’t sit down to a meal that’s quite as tasty as the dishes on our menu. With a huge range of food available through our mouth-watering buffet, we make sure that we have something for people of all tastes, and have quickly become renowned as the leading providers of Pakistani cuisine in both Manchester and London.

Due to the gorgeously exquisite décor of our restaurants, it seemed only fitting that we brought in some professional web designers to give us a website to match. After a lot of dedication and hard work, we’re now delighted to announce that our brand new website is up and running!

With a fresh new layout, we believe the new site makes it easier for our customers to access the information they’re looking for- what with the opening hours and contact details clearly displayed on our home page. This lies information lies just below a brand new video, which allows us to immediately show off what Royal Nawaab is all about- delicious food, great service and making sure everyone has a great time!

The new, responsive website also looks absolutely incredible on mobile, which means you can take a look at our services on the go! What with the consistent blog posting and interesting Nawaab news, you’ll never have to miss a thing now that you can access our site 24/7!

We all know that our Manchester restaurant has become an iconic feature of the city, and so we’re absolutely thrilled to now have a website that reflects our high standards. Now that our online presence has been significantly boosted by the new site, we hope to use this to build on our prestigious reputation.

Here at Nawaab, we’re very happy with our new site, and we feel it reinforces the fact that we are the best Pakistani restaurant Manchester has to offer!