Why You Should Eat With Your Hands


Throughout various forms of Asian cuisine, many people eat their food use their hands as cutlery and this is a big tradition throughout India and South Asia; there are benefits of eating with your hands and overall adds an authentic feel to your food. There are several reasons why you should eat with your hands, and throughout this guide we will prove to you why.

Likely to prevent Diabetes type 2

It is known that type 2 diabetics eat rather rapidly with cutlery, there was a new study published how fast eating can correlate with type 2 providing sugar imbalances. Everyone has been known to shovel their food with cutlery when they are in a rush- but it could be impacting your health. However, using your hands to eat food slows down how quickly you consume food, slowing your eating speed down means you will get fuller quicker and therefore you won’t need to eat as much.

Helps stop overeating

Eating slower means you will get full from less food and therefore prevents you eating excessive amounts due to your stomach not processing the food yet. This is also beneficial in a restaurant setting, due to restaurants normally providing high calorie foods, using your hands to eat appetizers makes you more aware of what you’re eating, and therefore reduces the amount you eat as well as the acid influx- therefore the heaviness feeling after eating was reduced.

Improves digestion

Some of the bacteria found on our hands isn’t harmful to humans, however protects from other forms of microbes and bacteria. Normal flora is beneficial for the mouth, throat and intestine and enables us to promote healthy digestion. Also, the nerve endings are able to tell the brain the temperature of food and that you are about to eat therefore this gets the digestion system ready to digest the food.

There are many health benefits used through using your hands, in the Indian culture eating with your hands is a tradition. Royal Nawaab is an Indian/Pakistani Restaurant in Manchester providing authentic, traditional food, with a wide variety of food and flavours.