Nawaab’s secrets to the perfect curry


Here at Royal Nawaab, we have the most talented chefs to provide the most authentic Asian cuisine and we have few a secrets that we always rely on when cooking the food- to always make it taste so deliciously executed, and we are going to share some of them secrets to you. Therefore, you can make an authentic curry right from your own home.

Firstly, try to keep your food as healthy as possible, as healthy can still taste amazing. You don’t need to add cream to make your curries creamy, there are many different solutions. Consider boiling hot almonds in water, then blending with hot water to create a paste. Then cook in hot oil, until the oil separates adding all the appropriate spices, allows you to have the creamy taste to your curry without packing in all the calories.

If you are using onions in your curry, give them time to fully cook to give them extra flavour, add salt to make them cook quicker.

It’s all about the spices you include when it comes to a curry, the more you add appropriately the better the flavour will taste. Tempering your spices such as cinnamon, mustard oil etc the flavour released will be more intense and add more flavour to your dishes.

Garnishes can also change the flavour of the dish and being adventurous with garnishes will make your food more exciting. Consider using coconut flakes for creamier dishes, deep-fried chillies if you are after something spicy, or if you prefer a fruity curry pomegranate seeds give you an exciting fresh flavour to your curry.

Here at Royal Nawaab we always aim to provide exciting curries, whilst being authentic and sticking to traditions. Therefore we are one of the best Pakistani Restaurants in Manchester, always trying new ideas and perfecting successful curries.