Reasons to Try North East Indian Food


Whilst it is widely known that there are different types of cuisine in the world, not many people know that a particular type of cuisine can differ depending on the religion and area within the actual country itself. Take Indian food for example! In the southern states, the food is characterised by the consumption of rice whereas the North is known for prominent curry dishes that feature breads like naan.

In this blog, the team here at Royal Nawaab are going to focus on North East Indian food and we’ve put together a few reasons why you should try it out…

No Masala

In North East Indian cuisine, it is very common to find that there is considerably less masala dishes. In fact, sometimes you may not find any at all. Whilst this may be difficult for those who find this seasoning a staple, it makes the cuisine rather unique and means you can eat as much as you want without harming your stomach.


In a world that is often changing, it is only right that we make way for the new trends that emerge and over the years, vegetarianism has risen in popularity. Due to this, the North East Indian cuisine has adapted to present a range of different vegetarian friendly dishes too. Whilst the main meats like chicken, beef and fish are still used, the addition of veggie dishes within the region makes it an appealing type of cuisine.


The recipes found in the North East tend to vary depending on the state or tribe meaning that there is never ending list of different foods that you are able to taste. This not only provides individuals with a whole range of different tastes, textures and experiences but also introduces people to new flavours within the same dish at the same time.

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