Different Types of Samosa’s


It is no secret that the cuisine of India is filled with lots of variety, spices and a dazzling spectrum of flavour however if you were to ask for a dish that serves as staple many would tell you of the samosa. In fact, many people know of its adaptability and how a single alteration can change the way you see these dishes all together.

From a mouth-watering street food to a delicate starter in the most high end restaurants India has to offer, the samosa is definitely one to love. In this blog, the team here at Royal Nawaab are going to go over a few of the different types of samosas you can make…

Chole Samosa

Prepared with a spicy chickpea stuffing and coriander seasoning, these samosas have a crunchy shell but contrastingly soft filling!

Chocolate Samosa

Who would have thought there would be a desert type of samosa? The chocolate filled variety is as tasty as it sounds and is any chocoholics dream come true. With a light and fluffy shell, who wouldn’t want to try one?!

Punjabi Samosa

Although it is considered a delicacy rather than a snack, this stunning dish is both exquisite in flavour as well as taste. With a spicy cinnamon seasoning coating, they are made from black pepper corns, cloves, cardamom, fennel seeds, coriander seeds and dry pomegranate seeds; making these samosas a party in your mouth! Plus, there’s also a rich potato and green peas filling if that doesn’t win you over!

Onion Samosa

Since they can be found almost everywhere, you have likely heard of, if not tasted, the onion samosa. It is enjoyed as a tasty snack in India and is extremely famous in the street shops of the country!

Sometimes cooking from home can be a chore. After all, nothing beats eating out at a restaurant and here at Royal Nawaab, we like to think we are the best Halal Restaurant in London! To try our range of authentic Asian cuisine, contact a member of the team today and book in your very own table!