A look back at royal nawaab’s appearance on ‘big kitchen’


Two years ago, Royal Nawaab Manchester beat out hundreds of other restaurants across the country to appear on Big Kitchens: Kingsize Curry House. Their appearance on this popular food show allowed fans of the Indian banquet hall an inside look at some of the famous kitchen operations as well as hearing from the characters behind the scenes that inspire the phenomenal drive and ambition of Royal Nawaab.

Being not only one of the biggest restaurants in Manchester, but in the world, means that a huge team of chefs and service staff are required to produce feasts of epic proportions. The show gives viewers an insight into how starters like the famous Sikh Kebab are produced on such a large scale without compromising on quality. Producing 280,000 kebabs a year is no easy task, so how is it that chefs can produce such a large quantity whilst keeping the food so delicious?

Big Kitchen took us behind the curtain to see the instruments that allow chefs at Royal Nawaab to produce food on such a grand scale. Instruments such as the rotating toaster which means that in one hour, chefs can transform mountains of dough into around 400 naan breads; and the conveyor belt and industrial size mixer which means that the thousands of Sikh kebabs, necessary for the hungry masses, can be produced every night.

A major part of the TV appearance focused on the faces behind the scenes. The people who work at Royal Nawaab at every level; from the enigmatic owners and managers to the diligent chefs and serving staff that work tirelessly to produce great quality food amongst the finest hospitality.

A real testament to the people and the food of Royal Nawaab, the appearance on Big Kitchen in 2015 garnered more popularity for one of the greatest Pakistani restaurants Manchester has to offer, and that popularity continues to grow to this day.