The Benefits of a Buffet


Within the restaurant industry there is a whole range of different ways to set out a dining service. From five star courses to all you can eat, the diners of the 21st century are spoilt for choice! Here at Royal Nawaab, we proudly adopt a buffet style service which we feel is able to provide a wholesome and enjoyable experience for all of our guests. Here are a few benefits…


At a buffet style restaurant, the all you can eat style of service generally means that you are able to try a whole range of different dishes without having to settle for one. In fact, Asian cuisine is extremely varied and a buffet is the best way to indulge in the array of spices, flavour and tastes that are on offer!

No More Fussy Eaters

Eating out can be a nightmare when you have fussy eaters as part of your entourage. In fact, it can even cause a lot of bickering among family members! Luckily the wide range of food that is available to pick from at a buffet style restaurant means that even the most picky of eater will be able to find something that they like. And if not, they can always go back up and try something else instead!

Saves Money

With a set price for children and adults that includes as many plates as required, eating at a buffet style restaurant until your heart, or should we say stomach, is content is the best way to save money! After all, the price per person is often the equivalent of a single meal in some establishments. This only backfires however when certain attendees don’t eat enough to justify the price so make sure your party is hungry!

Whilst your ability to control portion sizes may be obscured at a buffet style restaurant, that is all a part of the experience. At Royal Nawaab, we like to think we are the best provider of Asian cuisine around, which is only accentuated by our incredible buffet system. For more information or to book in your own table, get in contact with the best halal restaurant in London today!