Let’s Slow Things Down: Curry’s And Slow Cookers


When the days start getting colder the first thing that comes out from the back of the cupboard is the slow cooker. After a cold commute home there’s nothing better than coming home to a warm home filled with beautiful smells of cooking – especially slow cooking.

Pop it on in the morning, and by the time you get to dinner those slowly infused flavours that have been marinating for hours will greet you warmly at the door. And it saves you having to spend your afternoon over the stove.

The rise in popularity of slow cookers means there is now a huge selection of recipes dedicated to them. Curry recipes especially are absolutely perfect for your slow cookers. After all, what better way to beat the chill than a nice spice infused Madras or a hearty Biryani – succulent meat laying in a bed of fluffy rice. Perfection!

If you don’t have a slow cooker we highly recommend getting one. Flicking the switch to low on your first dish and leaving for work for the day can be a slightly daunting initiation. But once initiated, you’ll be trawling the internet for more and more recipes to try in your crockpot. Slow cooker cheesecake? Why not!

Curry’s work best when flavours are allowed to marinate and stew for a time. Ever noticed your curry tastes better the day after? It’s no coincidence. When flavours are allowed to permeate the dish they are identifiable individually, making for a complex and exciting taste.

Slow cookers are perfect for this. They use as little energy as a lightbulb, cooking food slowly, permeating heat thoroughly over time, meaning you don’t have to worry about what meat you include in your curry’s; they will all come out tender. Whether you like it hot, medium or mild there are so many recipes out there for you to try in your slow cookers.

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