Why is Food Presentation Important?


If you have ever visited a fancy five-star restaurant you will know how seriously the presentation of the food you are served is taken. In fact, some dishes even look like a work of art rather than a meal. Here at Royal Nawaab, we operate using a buffet service however the importance of food presentation cannot be understated. In fact, it is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating dishes full of flavour and taste. In this blog we have decided to go over the reasons why…

  • The way that food looks can drastically change the way our taste buds perceive it. For example, some people cannot stomach the idea of eating food that is green in colour and whilst it may taste delightful, their brain tricks them into thinking it will not be. The same goes for food presentation. When something is beautifully placed onto your place your mind often changes the way you judge the food.
  • In terms of high quality restaurants food presentation is taken seriously because it is what the customers will judge the establishments on. In fact, some places take it so seriously that they look into how the colours on the plate are placed as well as the different levels that are introduced. In short, first impressions matter and presenting a beautiful dish in contrast to something messy in always going to win over the guests and critics.

Whilst we aren’t big on the presentation of food here at Royal Nawaab since we operate using a buffet style service, we like to think that the quality of our food is our unique selling point. After all, although food preparation is important it is not unreasonable to remember that even the most exquisitely presented dishes can be lacking in flavour and you have to take into consideration the skill of the chef! Luckily our team here at Royal Nawaab make up the best halal restaurant in London! Get in contact to find out more information today!