Why Is Indian Food So Delicious?


You just can’t beat a good curry. You know it, I know it and the neighbour’s cat knows it- things just don’t get better than a tangy chicken tikka masala on a chilly Friday night. With the korma taking over as the most popular curry in the UK last year, it’s not hard to see that people across the globe are mad for the signature spices of Indian cuisine.

Whether you travel across to America, Australia or sunny old Wales- you can bet your bottom dollar that the vast majority of people over there absolutely love a good curry. Here in Manchester, the locals are renowned for their love of Indian food, with the Curry Mile in Rusholme and our Royal Nawaab restaurant in Levenshulme constantly packed to the rafters.

But what makes curry and other Indian dishes so downright delicious? We’re glad you asked, because it turns out there’s a scientific explanation that makes all become clear.

Basically, it’s all to do with the range of spices used within Indian cooking and how they’re able to tantalise our taste buds. We all know that Indian food uses ingredients such as cardamom, tamarind and a whole range of other vibrant spices, but what makes Indian food so unique is the smaller number of overlapping flavours you’re bound to get with other types of cuisine.

It all comes down to food pairings and how these flavours react with one another. For example, in England you’ll find that fish and chips, or bangers and mash, are normally paired together due to the similar flavours. This fairly bland flavouring just doesn’t offer the tang and zest of a delicious Indian meal, meaning that your taste buds can’t quite believe their luck when you finally decide to treat them!

On average, an Indian dish will contain around seven ingredients, with a range of different spices offering up a taste palette absolutely packed with colour and flavour. These ingredients are completely different from one another (hence the lower number of overlapping flavours), and so conjure up an explosion of flavour that you just can’t find anywhere else.

If you’re feeling as hungry as we are after reading this blog, then why not head on down to the best Indian restaurant in Manchester? Our delicious buffet offers all kinds of dishes absolutely packed with flavour, so it’s not hard to see why we’re considered the best in town!