Manchester and London: The Only Two Royal Nawaab Restaurants


For those of you that visit Royal Nawaab on a regular basis, you are probably already fully aware of the fact that we only have two branches, London and Manchester.  But for those of you that are not as familiar with the Royal Nawaab brand as others, we thought we would address a few recent concerns.

We have received an influx of enquiries as to whether we have or are opening a branch in Birmingham. Please be assured that this is not the case, and we remain situated in Manchester and London only.

We feel so strongly about reiterating this message, that you can even head over to our Facebook page to check out our recent press conference on the matter. We hope that there has been no confusion caused, and feel it is important to separate ourselves from any other restaurants that are just named Nawaab.

Our Royal Nawaab Manchester restaurant is situated in the heart of Levenshulme, on Stockport Road, where we have become famous for our delicious curries and a sheer range of dishes. Whether you are after a tikka masala, a few chicken wings or something as simple as a slice of pizza, Royal Nawaab Manchester is famous for offering a little something for everyone.

The same is also true of our London restaurant, based in the iconic Hoover Building in Perivale. We offer a massive choice of Indian and Pakistani cuisine, with this buffet sure to tantalise a taste bud or two. We’re widely regarded as the leading Halal restaurant in London, becoming famous for our fantastic service and varied menu.

Please be assured, these are the only two Royal Nawaab restaurants.

So, if you’re after a bit to eat and want to check out the best Pakistani or Indian restaurant in London or Manchester, then make sure to pay a visit to Royal Nawaab today. For those that really love their curry, you’ll have to come and find out what makes Royal Nawaab so famous!