Pakistani Drinks That Will Make Your Mouth Water


We talk a lot about the food of Pakistan and it’s easy to get caught up in the sheer amount of cuisine on offer from this corner of Asia. But one thing we tend to overlook is the amount of amazing drinks the country has to offer too.

Pakistan and Indian summers are famous for the relentless heat. To combat the uncomfortable rise of the mercury, some delicious and refreshing beverages have been created. Most Pakistani drinks are available here in the UK now. Let’s take a look at some:


The mixed barley seeds, water and sugar drink is available from nearly all street vendors in Pakistan. You can substitute water for milk or even spice it up by adding some fruit and lemon. Although the recipe varies for each region, the end product is still loved by so many.


Lassi is a popular drink amongst UK consumers, and is probably the most famous Pakistani import amongst all the drinks listed here. It rarely needs an introduction as Lassi is now famous in Pakistani and Indian restaurants the world over.

Doodh soda

This one sounds unusual but is a perfect drink to beat back the heat in summer. It’s also simple to make; a tall glass of milk is joined by a splash of sprite and a sprinkle of sugar, poured over ice, blended, and away you go.

Gannay ka juice

Known as the national drink of Pakistan, this drink can be quite hard to find in UK supermarkets. But if you ever get the chance to try it – you should. It is known across Pakistan as a beverage that can refresh you in under 10 seconds.

Rabri Doodh

A true desi will tell you that a chilled glass of Rabri Doodh is better than… well, anything. It gets its name from the amazing milk dessert Rabri, and is a bubbly creamy beverage that once tried, will leave you wanting more.

Making you thirsty? Let us know what your favourite Pakistan drink is. We love to hear from you at Royal Nawaab’s Halal restaurant London.