Similarities between India and Pakistan


There are a lot of things that separate India and Pakistan; a border being the main one. But when you look a little deeper, the lines between India and Pakistan become blurry.

Indian food and Pakistani food was commonly mistaken for each other in the UK, but there is more than cuisine that links these two nations.

Anyone who has travelled through these two beautiful countries can be forgiven for confusing the two because as there are things that tell them apart, there are also many similarities:

  1. Language

Both countries are rich in languages. Between the two countries there exists hundreds of separate languages, Punjabi and Urdu being two of the most notable ones.

  1. Land

Pakistan is fed by the same rivers that pass through India. Both areas are made fertile by alluvial soil and sowing, cultivation and harvesting are all done at the same time. Even the same types of crop grow on both sides of the border.

  1. Culture and Music

Loud music with up tempo beats can be heard from weddings and festivals across both nations. The two areas celebrate in similar lively fashions and share common celebrative values.

  1. Bollywood

Bollywood cinema and their celebrities are as loved in Pakistan as they are in India. Friday is the day Pakistan and India alike share their love for cinema as they are packed to the rafters.

  1. Big Characters

Emanating from parties to cricket games, the character of both Indian and Pakistani people can be heard loud and clear. The nationality may not be clear when an Indian and a Pakistani converse as they both share the same loud character that reflects the munificence of the people.

  1. Cricket

No two nations love cricket more than India and Pakistan. Cricket games are arenas where people go crazy for their respective teams where winning becomes a matter of national importance and fanatical pride.

  1. And of course… Food

The foods and flavours served on Indian tables and Pakistan tables differs region to region. The same delicious aromas and tastes can be found permeating all those dishes, though, as they both share a deep food history.

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