Unusual Pakistani Foods You Need To Try


The city of Karachi in Pakistan is home to beautiful beaches as well as bustling streets perfect for shopping, taking a cultural tour in it’s museums, admiring the historical architecture, and of course… the food.

Karachi is famous as a tourist destination, as well as for it’s collection of unique and strange food. Port Grand – Asia’s biggest food street – is located in Karachi, and plays host to one of the most exciting food trips you can take. Here are some of the strange foods you can find in Karachi that you should try:

  1. Golgappas – This crunchy street food, made of round thin dough deep fried in oil are also known as pani pani. The golden-brown dough is filled with either mashed potatoes or chick peas and flavoured with tamarind, black pepper, cumin and red chilli.
  2. Pankoras – Vegetables such as cabbage, aubergine (egg plant), okra, spinach, potatoes and even onions are dipped in a thick chickpea-flour batter before being deep fried into delicious fritters. They are accompanied with ketchup dip, coriander, red chilli and salt.
  3. Maghaz – also known as Brain Mansala, this savoury dish made from cow or sheep brains is definitely an unusual choice. The brains are boiled before being stir fried with onions, coriander seeds, green chillies, turmeric and ginger-garlic paste.
  4. Kat-a-kat – This is a dish for the adventurous type. Lamb heart, kidneys, brain and testicles are boiled together for a few minutes before being fried with coriander, onions, ginger paste, turmeric, fenugreek leaves, chilli powder, cumin seeds and cinnamon. The name derives from the sound the metal blades make when the chef cuts the meat on a hot metal pan.
  5. Ram Testicles Kebab – exactly what it says on the tin; lambs testicles are skewered and grilled over hot charcoal. Although it sounds niche, this dish is served in the finest Pakistan restaurants, as well as on street stalls.

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