Curries From Around The World


We used to think of a curry as traditionally Indian. And to some extent that is true. But as any traveller will tell you, no matter where you go in the world, you will find a curry that reflects each nation’s culture.

In fact, you could travel the world on a curry odyssey if you so wanted. Let’s take a look at some of the curries you can find around the world; some of the destinations you will expect, but some may surprise you:

  1. Dhaka, Bangladesh – Biryani

You can get a biryani almost anywhere in the world nowadays, and the origins of this famous dish have been disputed for centuries. Yet Dhaka still remains the best location to try the best biryani. They have versions for every budget and every palette; from cheap and traditional Old Dhaka all the way to the gourmet dishes in Gulshan and Banani.

  1. Kingston, Jamaica – Curry Goat

This famous Caribbean dish was once a special occasion meal, now it can be found all over the world, (it is a popular choice at the UK’s Notting Hill Carnival). Kingston has a collection of award-winning restaurants, eateries and street food vendors to sample the best curry goat.

  1. Birmingham, UK – Balti

Originating from Northern Pakistan and developed for the UK in a Birmingham curry house in the 70’s? Even if no one can agree on where it was exactly made, everyone can agree that it is delicious. Balti is a beloved curry in the UK; no matter if it’s lamb, beef, prawn, or veggie.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand – Kaeng phet

Made from dry red spur chilli paste, coconut milk and a choice of meat, seafood or protein; the kaeng phet also goes by the common name of ‘Thai red curry’. Anyone who visits Thailand recommends that an original kaeng phet should be the first thing people devour when they step off the plane.

  1. Tokyo, Japan – Kare pan

Slightly less famous than some of the other dishes on our list – but by no means less delicious – a Kare pan (curry bread) is Japanese curry, wrapped in dough, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep fried. This delicacy can be found from street vendors across the city. The Kare pan specialists reside in Toyofuku, who’ve been making the snack for over a century.

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