Things You Should Never Do At An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet


We all love to overindulge slightly at times. And what better way to do that than at an all-you-can-eat buffet? Some people take a buffet very seriously; they’ve mastered their technique to get the most from the selection available without going overboard and having to be rolled out of the door at closing time.

If you too want to tackle the buffet the right way, then there are things, that etiquette demands, should never be done by anyone at a buffet. Let’s take a look:

  1. Dive Straight In

Start as you mean to go on; peruse what’s on offer, make a mental note of the must have items, the maybe’s and the maybe-not’s, before picking up a plate. Stacking your plate high with everything within reach is a big no-no at the buffet: you’ll end up wasting more food than you eat.

  1. Use The Wrong Plates

Most buffets provide smaller plates for starters and larger plates for your main course; use them accordingly. Don’t pick up the smaller plates by mistake for your main course, as you won’t have much room and you will end up with a teetering pile of delicacies you’ll have to balance all the way back to your table. The same goes for the small plates; don’t mistakenly use large plates for your salad, desserts, and bread as well, it’ll only go to waste.

  1. Use Your Hands To Stack Your Plate

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone rifling through the bread with their bare hands at the buffet. Even if it is something you can easily pick up with your hands – don’t! It is disrespectful to the establishment as well as other customers that you don’t respect the cleanliness of the food, so use the tongs and spoons provided.

  1. Sneeze!

We know there’s a sneeze guard there but if you feel a sneeze brewing, step well away from the food. Sneezes send saliva flying in every direction, and if it gets on any of the food you will be the most hated person in the restaurant.

With your etiquette in check you are now set to tackle any buffet you desire. Why not visit Royal Nawaab’s Halal restaurant in London to test your new-found skillset?