Why You Should Visit Pakistan


People in the UK have always been sceptical about travelling to The Middle East. Countries such as Pakistan and India are rarely high on people’s list of places to see, mainly due to poor advertising for tourists and its portrayal in the media.

Brits have always been well travelled, however, and some do make Pakistan a holiday destination every year. And rightly so, Pakistan is a unique experience for any budding traveller; from the food to the people. We’re going to share with you some of the best reasons to visit Pakistan:

  1. The People

When you walk the streets of Pakistan, whether in the bustling streets of Lahore or a quiet mountainside town, the local people are always willing to meet you with a smile. It is not uncommon for locals to invite you for a cup of chai, or even invite you to join their family for lunch. Pakistani people are humble and genuine: when you start to get to know them, you can make some of the most serious connections that is possible between people.

  1. The Sights

Pakistan holds its own amongst sightseers, providing breath-taking scenery of mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, even glaciers. Social Media has brought the beauty of Pakistan to the rest of the world, and tourism is set to follow, as Pakistan is surely set to become a popular destination in the future.

  1. Adventures

If you prefer your holidays to pump up your adrenaline, Pakistan could be the spot for you. Five of the world’s fourteen highest peaks are found in Pakistan, including the famous K2. There are plenty of unclimbed peaks awaiting conquering by budding young adventurers.

  1. The Food

Pakistan cuisine is famous in the UK, so it makes sense to visit the home of your favourite dishes. After all, there’s nothing quite like tasting your favourite dish made the traditional way. For a taste of the finest Pakistan cuisine, visit Royal Nawaab’s halal restaurant in London.