Healthiest Foods For Children You Will Find In Pakistani Cuisine


Between the age of 5 and the onset of adolescence (teenage years) we all go through a very critical period in our bodily growth. Children’s muscles and bones are growing at a very quick rate, and these years are the foundation for good health in the future, so it is hugely important that children are eating healthy foods that complement healthy growth.

Anyone who has kids will know that trying to get children to eat healthy foods is another battle altogether. Between tantrums, parents can find it very difficult to get kids to eat the greens that are so important to their health.

So what foods can we find in Pakistani cuisine that uses ingredients that are healthy for children?


Calcium is important for the development of strong bones, teeth, hair and nails. If kids don’t like plain milk there are a number of different fruits you can add to milk to improve the flavour, as well as chocolate milk powder that provides some carbs too. Honey in milk is the perfect way to flavour milk as honey provides its own therapeutic effects on the body.


Children in Pakistan get most of their meat in the form of meat patties or kebabs. This meat is the rich source of protein and haemoglobin, the main blood making element of the body.


Carrots are used in a whole host of different Pakistani dishes, including some desserts and they are a great ingredient for young children to develop their eyesight.


For a better protein alternative to meat, fish should be on the menu. Fish helps support the skin, nails and hair of growing infants so they develop fully.


Cooked in the right way, potatoes provide a healthy source of folates which produce folic acid involved in all red blood cell formation.

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