Tricks To Beat The Heat This Summer


The UK is now in the middle of a heatwave, the likes of which most of us have never witnessed before. The mercury is regularly hitting the high 20’s and shows no sign of stopping.

In typical British fashion, we are terribly underprepared for the dramatic weather and currently fans are spinning of their axes in offices and bedrooms across the country as everyone attempts to keep cool.

But what else can we do to beat the heat this summer and prevent ourselves from becoming a sweaty mess?

  • Ice Blast

If your fan is simply blowing hot air around your room, try placing a bowl, or tray, or iced water in front of it to engineer your own version of an air conditioning unit. The fan will blow chilled air around your room, rapidly reducing the temperature to bearable levels.

  • Block Out the Sun

Keep your curtains and blinds closed throughout the day to prevent the sunlight from directly shining in through your windows and heating your home.

  • Shade

Between 11am and 3pm the sun is at its hottest. Between these hours it is recommended that you stay in the shade; this is when the sun is at it’s strongest, increasing the risk of damaging your skin.

  • Eat Small Meals Regularly

To process a large meal, our bodies produce more heat. To keep your levels of metabolic heat to a minimum, eat smaller portions and space them out throughout the day.

  • Cotton

Lightweight cotton clothing is your best option during hot weather. Avoid dark colours and stick with whites and summery colours; they reflect the sun’s radiation much more effectively.

  • Get Low

Hot air rises, so it is best to be as low as possible to surround yourself with cool air. Head downstairs if you are desperate to escape the heat. Sleeping on the floor can even be a good option if the heat is becoming too unbearable to sleep in.

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