Why Is Curry So Popular In Manchester?


Manchester has always been famous for its love of curry.

In fact, it’s now known as the curry capital of the North West, while you’d probably be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the UK that shares its passion for Indian cuisine. After all, Manchester does boast its very own ‘Curry Mile’, along with countless takeaways, restaurants and the best Indian buffet in the country.

Royal Nawaab is often packed to the rafters on busy weekends, as diners fill their plates with tikka masalas, bhunas, bhajis and all their other favourite flavours. But, why exactly is curry so popular in Manchester?

There’s Something For Everyone

In terms of different food preferences and taste palettes, Manchester is one of the most diverse cities on the planet. It’s the home of vegan café’s, vegetarian eateries and restaurants specialising in halal meats, as the city tries to cater for all the varying tastes and eating habits. Of course, Indian food is so popular because it’s got a little something for everyone.

Whether you’re craving a spicy veggie dish or a creamy chicken curry, Indian cuisine has become renowned for its diversity and imagination. So, it doesn’t matter who you are- you can always find a dish you’ll love at an Indian restaurant.

Exotic Tastes

Indian food is perhaps most famous for its signature spice blends and exotic tastes. By offering dishes cooked with a range of herbs, spices and meats, Indian cuisine offers some of the most impactful flavours you’re likely to find in the UK.

We aren’t necessarily talking about hot spices either. Mild dishes like chicken korma and tikka masala are just as popular in Manchester as they are in the rest of the UK; but they still offer distinctive flavours and delicious creamy textures.

The aroma of Indian cooking is known all over the world, and the people of Manchester have always gone crazy for food that’s a little more adventurous.

Bring On The Spice!

Back in 2015, food writer Hari Ghotra carried out a study to find out which parts of the UK enjoyed a good spicy meal. As you’ve probably guessed, Manchester came out as one of the few areas to enjoy the hottest spices available.

Dishes like vindaloo, madras and rogan josh are immensely popular in this part of the country, as Mancunian diners satisfy their desire to experiment with flavours and try the spiciest food on the menu. As we all know, Indian food is famous for some of its spicy dishes, which is one of the biggest reasons people from Manchester can’t get enough of it!

But whether you love spicy dishes or much milder flavours, you need to try out the best Indian restaurant Manchester has to offer. Visit Royal Nawaab today and explore our delicious buffet- you can eat as much as you like!