3 Mouth-Watering Indian Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


When you’ve filled your belly with delicious curries, rice dishes and onion bhaji’s, the thought of dessert could be the last thing on your mind.

You’re always bound to be full after enjoying our Indian buffet, since you can eat as much of your favourite curry as you like. However, even when you’re sat there with a bloated belly and feeling as though you’re fit to burst, you always know you’ve still got room for a spot of dessert.

After all, we all know we’ve got two stomachs, right? One sweet and one savoury! So, you need to make sure you look after both of them, and these delicious desserts are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Gulab Jamun

These syrupy treats have always been popular at Royal Nawaab- and offer the perfect ending to your Indian meal.

This is a classic Indian sweet treat which is often eaten at the end of celebratory meals, such as birthdays or festive periods, since a delicious dessert is always a great way of celebrating something! Made from khoya (a milk-solid substance), these treats are rolled into balls and deep fried, then coated in syrup. Very tasty indeed.


There are so many different types of laddu, it’s impossible to choose just one for this list.

These round treats are made from a combination of gram flour, ghee and butter, then rolled into balls and mixed with a range of different toppings and fillings. Things like coconut, semolina and pistachios are always popular laddu mixtures, while motichoor laddu is a dessert every Indian food-lover needs to try at some point in their life.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Made from grated carrots and dried fruits, gajar ka halwa first gained popularity within Asian festivals, such as Diwali. Now that popularity has continued within our Manchester restaurant, because diners just can’t get enough of the sweet tastes and interesting textures.

The grated carrot is combined with cardamom and milk, then fried in butter (otherwise known as ghee) and sugar to create its unmistakeable flavours. The dessert is typically finished off with a garnish of nuts, although other dried fruits have been used in the past.

You can try a range of delicious desserts at the best Indian restaurant Manchester has ever seen. Visit Royal Nawaab today to eat as much dessert as you like and satisfy that sweet tooth!