Everything You Need To Know About National Curry Week 2018


That’s right, folks- the most amazing week of the year is almost upon us once again.

Providing us with a fantastic excuse to sit around filling our faces for 7 days on end, National Curry Week celebrates the popularity of Indian cuisine and pays homage to all of our favourite dishes. Of course, most of us don’t need an excuse to enjoy a delicious curry, but it’s still nice to have an entire week dedicated to eating Indian food!

But what is National Curry Week all about and how can you get involved?

When Did National Curry Week Start?

This year marks the 20th anniversary of National Curry Week, after it was started back in 1998 by a guy called Peter Grove. Introduced as a way of celebrating Indian cuisine and the UK’s incredibly diverse culture, the event worked towards raising awareness of local Indian restaurants and giving to charity- as well as encouraging us all to enjoy a tikka masala or two!

What Is It All About?

In short, this is one great big celebration of all things curry-related.

It’s no secret the nation has fallen in love with Indian cuisine over the past few decades, with the likes of korma and tikka masala regularly labelled as the UK’s ‘national dish’. So, National Curry Week lets us all celebrate our love for a cracking curry, with all proceeds going to Curry For Change- a charity dedicated to helping families in Africa and Asia suffering from hunger.

Eating curry for a great cause? We’re in.

When Is It?

National Curry Week runs from 22nd-28th October 2018, so you’ve still got plenty of time to decide which curry you’d like to celebrate with!

How Can I Celebrate?

What better why is there to celebrate National Curry Week than filling your face with as much curry as you can?

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