5 Delicious Pakistani Dishes You’ve (Probably) Never Tried


Thanks to an endless range of fragrant herbs and spices, Pakistan produces some of the tastiest food on the planet.

From a delicious biryani to a spicy chicken karahi, it’s fair to say that everything on a Pakistani menu is always packed with flavour and colour. Offering mouth-watering food and one of the most diverse selections you’re likely to find, it’s not hard to see why Pakistani dishes have become so popular all over the UK.

In fact, there’s so many different dishes and recipes, some of this tasty Pakistani cuisine is bound to have slipped under your radar.

Chana Chaat

This fantastic chickpea dish is a very popular snack in Pakistan.

Essentially, chana chaat is a spicy Pakistani salad, which involves mixing chickpeas with tomatoes, onions and other vegetables to create a tasty, but light, lunch. Green chilies and chili powder can be added to give it a bit of a kick, while it’s commonly served alongside yogurt, dressing and boiled potatoes.


Widely considered to be the National Dish of Pakistan, Nihari needs to be top of your list if you’re looking to enjoy some authentic South Asian flavours.

This Pakistani stew is made from slow-cooked meats (usually beef or lamb) and then mixed with delicious spices to create its signature taste. In fact, it’s so spicy many people actually use it as a cure for the common cold!

Aloo Gosht

This Pakistani lamb and potato curry is served in a mouth-watering gravy-like sauce, creating a thick stew brimming with all kinds of different spices.

The level of spice tends to differ between recipes, but aloo gosht is just as delicious mild as it is spicy- it obviously just depends on your own specific preference. One word of advice though: this dish is absolutely perfect alongside a good naan bread.

Sai Bhaji

This healthy green curry is very popular among vegetarian and vegan diners.

Made through a combination of spinach, lentils, fenugreek leaves and a range of other vegetables, sai bhaji is a Sindhi dish packed with protein and vitamins. Typically served alongside white rice and roti, sai bhaji has become a staple part of the local diet in Pakistan.

Halwa Poori

What do you get if you put deep-fried bread and halwa together? That’s right- you get Halwa Poori.

Now a traditional Pakistani breakfast, this fantastic dish consists of fried bread served alongside halwa, chickpea curries and chutneys. The result is a fantastic combination of sweet and savoury flavours- and we can’t think of a much better way to start the day!

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