3 Crazy Curry Myths People Still Believe


There’s no doubt that Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the UK. However, it’s also one of the most misunderstood.

The scintillating blends of exotic spices and unmistakeably vibrant flavours have always ensured Indian cuisine is fresh and exciting. Chicken tikka masala is even considered by many to be the UK’s national dish, while the madras and vindaloo have always been immensely popular- depending on how much spice you can take!

However, this popularity hasn’t prevented the development of certain misconceptions, as the UK’s love and fascination for Indian food has led to all kinds of strange myths. So, Royal Nawaab are going to set the record straight once and for all.

All Curries Are Spicy

Okay, let’s make one thing abundantly clear- some curries are spicy. Some curries are VERY spicy. However, some aren’t very spicy at all.

The beautiful thing about Indian cuisine is the fact there’s a little something for diners of all tastes. In fact, the most popular curries in the UK are the korma and tikka masala- which are two of the mildest things you’ll find on an Indian menu.

Yes, you can get some spicier things (vindaloo), or even something in the middle (jalfrezi, bhuna), but that doesn’t mean everything on the menu is going to have you sweating buckets. If you don’t like spicy food, that shouldn’t stop you enjoying a decent curry.

You Should Eat It With Your Hands

A lot of people will eat Indian food with their hands because they feel it tastes better, using breads and poppadoms to mop up saucier dishes. However, this is by no means a requirement of dining in an Indian restaurant, and the vast majority of people still use a standard knife and fork.

There’s Just No Variety

This is an Indian food myth bordering on the absurd. Even more absurd, however, is the sheer number of people that believe it.

It’s actually a little frightening just how many people believe all curries are the same, and that Indian cuisine suffers from a severe lack of variety. Of course, once you actually sit down in an Indian restaurant, you’ll realise that you’re looking at one of the most varied menus you’ve ever seen.

Just because you didn’t like the chicken jalfrezi, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t enjoy the lamb madras. Indian cuisine is packed with different spices, flavours and meats, each offering up unique tastes and causing the taste buds to tingle.

If you don’t believe us, then pay a visit to the best Indian restaurant London has to offer and discover all kinds of delicious flavours for yourself! Royal Nawaab offers a huge array of different curries and side dishes—and you can eat as much as you like!