A Guide To Eating Healthy Indian Food


We all know that Indian food is delicious. However, not everyone realises that some of the curries, starters and side dishes are actually really good for us.

For a start, the spices and herbs involved with Indian cooking can provide us with all kinds of fantastic health benefits- for instance, helping to fight off the common cold. But the best thing about Indian cuisine is the fact it can play such an integral role in a balanced diet.

In fact, there are plenty of ways for weight-watchers to eat healthily every time they sit down in our restaurant, because Indian cuisine is jam-packed with healthy, nutritious dishes that really make the mouth water. You just need to make sure you’re picking the right things.

Don’t Go Mad On Bread

It’s no secret that, regardless of how much we love it, bread can be pretty bad for the waistline. Although naan bread is a good source of iron and other healthy vitamins, it’s obviously high in calories and carbohydrates; meaning that it’s not exactly ideal for someone trying to lose a bit of weight.

Of course, you might feel as though no curry is complete without a naan on the side, so maybe just try to ration how much bread you’re putting on your plate, rather than skipping it completely.

Choose Tandoori Chicken Instead of Samosas

Indian cuisine has always been famous for its extensive range of side dishes and starters, and one of the most popular of these smaller dishes is the vegetable samosa. These delicious, bitesize treats also happen to be deep-fried, so they’re unfortunately fairly high in fat.

If you’re watching your weight, then we recommend opting for some of our delicious tandoori chicken instead, which offers a much leaner, low-calorie option to have as your starter.

Try A Chickpea and Spinach Curry

We’ve already done an entire blog on why you need to eat more chickpeas, because these tasty little legumes are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Offering calories that are high in nutritional value, a delicious chickpea and spinach curry is always bound to leave you feeling full—without having any negative impacts on your diet!

Choose Chicken and Seafood Dishes

Curry dishes made with a tomato-based sauce are a great option for anyone watching their figure, while any creamy curries should probably be avoided. Either way, the healthiest options will be curries made with chicken, seafood or vegetables, as they simply aren’t as high in fats as all of the other meats. So, if you’re struggling to choose between a lamb or chicken bhuna, we recommend going for the latter.

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