A Guide To The Best Indian Wedding Food


We all know that Indian weddings are grand affairs filled with light, music and love. Of course, this is what makes them so impressive.

More importantly, a great Indian wedding will provide a wide array of delicious food, with guests quick to indulge in some steaming, aromatic curries and bite-sized starters. The wedding itself may be all about the union of two people (and that’s obviously the most important thing), but serving fantastic food is an essential part of making sure all your guests have a great time.

So, with so many dishes to choose from, what’s the best food for an Indian wedding? Well, these are the things every Indian wedding food menu needs to have on it.

Vegetable Samosas

Everybody loves samosas, which is why they’re absolutely perfect for an Indian wedding. By serving samosas with a vegetable filling, you’ll also be catering to guests of all tastes and ensuring none of your vegetarian friends go hungry!

The best thing about samosas is the fact they’re bite-sized and incredibly easy to eat, meaning they’re perfect for adults and children alike—and that you won’t get in too much of a mess when you’re eating them.

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken has always been a popular meat for Indian weddings, while your guests are sure to go crazy for the tandoori-style. Marinated in yoghurt and a delicious blend of Indian spices, the distinct, smoky taste of tandoori chicken has always been a real crowd-pleaser. Obviously, this makes it a great option for your wedding, or any other large event you’re hosting in the future.

Lamb Biryani

No Indian wedding is complete without a delicious lamb biryani. Packed with flavour and never failing to tantalise the taste buds, a biryani is an essential part of any wedding day food menu, while opting for lamb meat will offer a nice alternative from all the other chicken dishes you’re bound to be serving.

It’s completely up to you how spicy you want to make it, but bear in mind that a biryani is always going to be popular, so you need to make sure the heat-levels aren’t off-putting to a lot of your guests. After all, there’s nothing worse than a good biryani going to waste.

Butter Chicken

Every Indian wedding needs a dish which people can eat with naan, rotis and pretty much any other kind of bread. Without question, butter chicken is the perfect choice.

Not too spicy but still providing a bit of a kick, this creamy, tomato-based curry can be enjoyed by everyone at your wedding. Fantastic alongside a splash of mint raita, we guarantee our butter chicken will go down a storm on your big day!

However, it’s important to remember that, while many of your guests will love to indulge in some butter chicken, you need to provide a couple of vegetarian options too.

And for dessert…

Gajar Ka Halwa

If you aren’t familiar with gajar ka halwa, then you need to do two things: first, you need to evaluate what you’ve been doing with your life and, second, try to imagine a carrot-based version of rice pudding.

This warm dessert is considered a special treat in India and Pakistan, making it the go-to pudding for large events and special occasions. Made with grated carrot, milk, sugar and ghee, gajar ka halwa is served warm and often garnished with nuts, creating a mouth-watering dessert all of your wedding guests are bound to enjoy.

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