Top Ways to Dazzle your Nearest and Dearest this Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day merely a month away, there’s no better time to start planning the annual event for your loved one. Traditionally celebrated on February 14th, it’s the one day of the year that restaurants (Royal Nawaab London included!), florists and gift shops up and down the country encounter people keen to make that lasting impression for the big day.

But aside from the bouquet of flowers and cute teddy, just how can you make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one this year?

Go Easy on the Social Media

Each year, Valentine’s comes and goes, and each year thousands of us grumble about seeing all the lovey-dovey messages posted across Facebook and Twitter. If you’re looking to make that lasting impression then speak from the heart – but tell your date face-to-face or write it down in a card or as a poem.

Tell them – it’ll seem so much more genuine and your date will really appreciate it. Then, if you’re lucky, your date may post all about how amazing and genuine you are!

Why Not Try a New Activity?

Though London isn’t exactly known for being the city of love, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in and around the big smoke over the Valentine’s period.

Why not go against the grain and take your date to an activity neither of you have done before?

For example, you can both go stargazing at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Situated on the world famous Meridian line, there are easy transport links to and from the observatory and the annual ‘Valentine’s Evening with the Stars’ event always proves to hugely popular.

Alternatively, why not head over to the Rivoli ballroom and watch the famed Romeo and Juliet; a Shakespearean tragedy about two star-crossed lovers? The Baz Luhrmann movie starring Leo Dicaprio and Claire Danes is being screen on Valentine’s Day and start from as little as £12!

Small, Heartfelt Things Matter

Sometimes, it’s better to create moments that matter as opposed to a huge, grand gesture. Life isn’t always like the movies, so if time is short, or money is tight, why not just ensure you do the little things that count to ensure your loved one has a great day?

Start off by making them breakfast in bed; cook up a collection of their favourite breakfast along with hot drink to wash it down. Wake them with a bunch of flowers, and be sure to check there are table’s available at the Royal Nawaab London well in advance! Please note; our buffet prices may vary on Valentine’s Day.

Once you’ve eaten some of our authentic and delicious freshly cooked halal Indian and Pakistani cuisine, why not head off back home and snuggle down on the sofa for a romantic movie? Take the time to be selfless – even if it’s a weepy rom-com, your loved one will appreciate the effort!


So, what are you waiting for? Get planning your perfect Valentine’s Day today and we hope to see you at our award-winning London restaurant very soon!