The British Love for a Curry


Considering that the British palette is relatively new to spicy and aromatic flavours – having previously been having to settle for much plainer fare – it is staggering the amount of curries that the population of Britain manages to put away each year.

It is estimated that the average Brit spends a staggering £30,000 over the course of their lifetimes, on Indian and Pakistani cuisine alone; mainly curries.

So, what it is about food from this part of Asia that has Britain descending on their local curry houses?

Increase in Home Cooking

Brits love to eat out, we spend staggering amounts each year to visit our favourite restaurants, but we are also becoming more and more adventurous with the dishes we cook at home.

With more people experimenting with the cuisine they make in their own homes, and with ingredients becoming more readily available, many are trying their hand at Indian and Pakistani cuisine and finding that they can create exquisite Asian dishes form the comfort of their own kitchen.

With restaurants becoming more expensive, it makes sense that once people realise how simple it can be to make great curries at home, they will be eating them much more regularly; rather than simply waiting until they can next afford to visit their local Indian or Pakistani restaurant.


There are few dishes that you will find in Britain that really utilise spices to create great flavour. There are those who will never try spicy food: they are a lost cause; but there are also many who crave to test their taste buds with increasingly hotter dishes and simply cannot get enough of spicy curries.

With more and more varieties of chilli available on the shelves of local supermarkets, it seems we are developing more of a taste, as well as building a tolerance for the burn. In fact, extremely spicy chilli pastes and ready-made curries can now be found in most supermarkets, as more and more people each year discover a taste for spice.

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