Food Cities: Islamabad


Islamabad. The capital city of Pakistan is full of history, culture, and most importantly, food. Islamabad is the melting pot of Pakistan that blends flavours from all over the country and is a traveller’s best destination to taste the full spectrum of dishes that Pakistan serves up.

What are the best dishes you can find in Islamabad that you should definitely wrap your taste buds around, given the chance?

  1. Mantus

A central Asian take on the dumpling, the Mantu or Manti usually contains beef or lamb wrapped in a dough before being steamed in a multi-layer steamer. You can find cooked Mantu/Manti from markets and street food stalls on any busy street as both a main or a side dish as well as at special occasions and large gatherings.

  1. Cheese Naans

What better way to improve an already delicious naan bread but by stuffing it with cheese? This dish will shoot straight to the top of your guilty pleasure list. It is generally eaten hot from the oven so the cheese oozes, just be careful not to burn your lips.

  1. Roll Paratha

A hugely popular street food delicacy is the roll paratha; a quick snack of rolled, fragrant paratha bread stuffed with a choice of meat, chutney and salad. Essentially an Asian take on a sandwich that many people eat daily for their lunches in the city of Islamabad. The most traditional vendors will grill succulent pieces of meat that creates the best quick lunch you will ever eat.

  1. Brownie Skillet

Whilst hardly a traditional Pakistani recipe, the sweet vendors of Islamabad are famous in their own right for their creations of fabulous desserts, most notably the brownie skillet. This sinful pleasure is a slice of rich, moist chocolate brownie slathered in a sizzling hot chocolate sauce, finished with a scoop of ice cream with a scattering of fruit and nuts.

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