How To Prepare A Banquet On A Budget


Planning to cater for a large party, group or gathering can cause the final cost to easily spiral out of your budget. With so many hungry mouths to feed it is important that you are able to balance your costs effectively so that everyone is left satisfied and nobody goes hungry.

There are number of techniques you can borrow form the professionals to help you plan for a banquet to ensure it suits any budget:

  1. Event formality

Not every banquet has to be a grand affair. If you are planning a banquet for a wedding or for a work-related conference, your food requirements are going to differ. There is no need to blow your budget on an extravagant set up when canapes and drinks receptions will be more than enough to accommodate your guests. Ask yourself how formal the event is going to be before planning your food and drink accordingly, you may be surprised at how many unnecessary additions you can cut out.

  1. Catering staff

A simple way to save money is by having a self-serve buffet service that negates the need for a large catering staff. The more staff you require to operate your banquet, the higher the costs will climb. By eliminating the need for servers by having finger food rather than pasta stations for example, you immediately cut down on your final costs and make it easier to stay within budget.

  1. Small Plates

Smaller serving plates help bring your total costs down by preventing guests from overloading their plates and wasting a large amount of food. Remember, all the food that goes into the bin at the end of the night is still being paid for by the organiser, so the less food that finds its way into the bin will help save money. With small plates, banquets can also achieve better looking presentation, feel more exclusive and appear more appetising than large amounts of food heaped onto plates.

  1. Tableware

Some event caterers don’t supply tableware such as crockery and cutlery, requiring you to allocate a part of your budget to providing guests with utensils to eat the beautiful food. If you opt for a caterer that has its own crockery, glasses, tablecloths etc. they usually won’t come at any extra cost to you.

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