How to avoid overeating at a buffet


We’ve all left a buffet at some point in our lives busting at the seams, our belts straining under the weight of our gut as it threatens to pop buttons of our trousers as we waddle our way home. Unfortunately, overeating is something we are all victim to at some point in life; how can we not when the buffet has so many delicious dishes for us to try?

It is important that you don’t overeat when you attend a banquet styled restaurant, as not only will it ruin your enjoyment of the meal, it can also cause you some serious health problems. To help you get the most out of your experience with us, here are some tips for you to overcome the buffet without busting a gut and leave feeling satisfied rather than stuffed:

  1. A glass of water

When you arrive at the restaurant, making your first drink a large glass of water will help you prepare your stomach ready for eating. Consider this a warm-up for your stomach in preparation of eating a big meal as it stretches out the stomach lining like you would stretch your legs before going for a run. Being well hydrated will also help you digest your food properly and avoid any stomach aches or heartburn from occurring later in the evening.

  1. Don’t starve yourself in preparation

Some people think that going the entire day without food will set them up nicely to consume their entire daily calorie allowance in one sitting. Skipping meals throughout the day actually has the opposite effect. By not eating, your stomach shrinks throughout the day and your blood sugar levels will drop. This will cause you to binge eat when you arrive at the buffet, making you feel full quickly and most probably making yourself feel ill by consuming too much too quickly.

  1. Go easy on carbohydrates

All the pasta and rice and other carbohydrate heavy foods at the buffet, when eaten in large portions, will fill you up quickly. They also sneak up on you. A lot of people feel bloated and uncomfortable at a buffet because they have eaten too much carbohydrate-heavy foods – foods which expand in the stomach. If you eat a lot in a short space of time, they will continue to expand in your stomach for quite some time afterwards, causing you to feel more and more full throughout the night.

Make sure you pace yourself when you dine with us at our halal restaurant in London. After all, we want you to enjoy your meal and leave feeling satisfied rather than see you roll home with a pack of Rennies.