Uses for sesame in Indian and Pakistani cuisine


Sesame seeds are an important ingredient across Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. These tiny, husk covered seeds aren’t just delicious as a snack, they are also packed with unsaturated fatty oils, which makes them perfect for making healthy cooking oils.

Most nutritionists agree that sesame oil is one of the best oils to cook with due to its high content of mono- and polyunsaturated acids – acids which are great for helping to reduce cholesterol.

Making cooking oil is just one use that sesame has in a modern Indian or Pakistani kitchen, though. Here at Royal Nawaab we use sesame seeds in a number of our dishes.

Some dishes call for the seeds to be used with the husks intact. The husks give the seeds a golden-brown colour and are, in fact, edible. The husks are also packed with fibre. The hulled seeds are lighter in colour but with a little roasting they develop into a browner colour.

Sesame chicken wings

The beautiful thing about our banquet style restaurant is that the lines between starters, main courses and desserts is blurred – you can eat anything at any time at a buffet. Sesame chicken wings are considered as a starter in most restaurants, but people love them so much that they can’t resist coming back for platefuls, time and time again.

At Royal Nawaab we cook our chicken wings by coating them in a spicy and light seasoned crisp batter, packed with sesame seeds, before deep frying them. We even sprinkle seseame seeds on top once they are out of the fryer for some extra flavour and added crunch.

Kulcha Naan

We have a great selection of breads at our banquet halls; one of our most popular choices is the kulcha naan. This leavened flatbread, made from a flour, butter and egg dough has sesame seeds blended through it before it is shaped by hand and cooked in our traditional tandoor ovens.

Our breads are cooked the old-fashioned way – stuck to the inside of the tandoor where they cook evenly in the heat of the oven whilst developing that delicious crust from the clay surface.

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