Is ginger the ultimate winter spice?


We all know that certain ingredients, most notably herbs and spices, have a variety of different health benefits, but the properties of ginger may be the ultimate mix of essentials to get us through winter unscathed.

Tests into the medicinal properties of ginger in all its forms is still ongoing to this day, and so far, what can be proved goes a long way in showing that it may be the best thing to eat during winter for many reasons.

  1. Regulate body temperature

Think to those cold winter days and nights when you just can’t seem to get warm, no matter how many layers you put on. This happens because your body is not properly regulating its interior temperature, meaning that no matter how hard you try, it is incredibly difficult to feel warm.

Consuming ginger in any form, whether it is cooked in a dish or brewed in a nice hot cup of tea, has been shown to help raise the body temperature, especially in people with poor circulation who have constantly cold hands.  After consuming ginger, your body temperature fairly quickly (after a few minutes) starts to gently rise by a few degrees and is better maintained at a warmer level no matter how cold it gets outside.

  1. Speed up digestion

Cold weather has us reaching more for heavy and rich foods than light dishes like salad. With all those thick soups, hearty stews and fat heavy meals our digestive system can take some serious strain. The introduction of ginger into our diets make sure that our digestions keeps running smoothly, no inflammation occurs, and we stay feeling light on our feet.

  1. Helps with colds

Winter is a common time for colds, so it is important that our immune systems are given that extra boost. Ginger has antibacterial properties that help prevent us from falling ill. However, if you do happen to fall victim to a cold, ginger can also help relieve any congestion caused from it.

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