3 Delicious Indian Desserts


A sweet tooth can be a blessing and curse as a love for sugary snacks isn’t the most waistline friendly craving. With this said, India is a dark horse when it comes to exotic desserts as the country is rarely renowned for its array of beautiful and flavoursome sweet treats that bear very little resemblance to western favourites! Read on as we go over three delicious Indian desserts…

Gulab Jamun

Thought to be the most popular dessert in India, Gulab Jamun translates to ‘rose berry’ in Hindi and is, as the name suggests, flavoured with cardamom and rose. The soft, spongy balls are made from a flour and milk powder dough and then fried in a deep fryer before being doused in a sweet, sticky syrup.


Ice-cream is a western favourite; however, India have put their own twist on the frozen dessert in order to create Kulfi. In fact, Kulfi is much denser and creamer than ice-cream because it isn’t whipped before it is frozen. Instead, the milk is boiled in order to thicken it and reduce its volume. It can be flavoured with cardamom for a traditional taste experience, however Kulfi is also known to be served with mango, pistachio, saffron, vanilla and rose flavourings too.

Soan Papdi

As a flaky and light North Indian dessert, Soan Papdi melts in the mouth like western candy floss. It is made from gram and refined flour, ghee, sugar syrup and milk and is served with cardamom and nuts in order to enhance the flavour. Although this sounds simple, Soan Papdi is quite difficult to prepare. With this said, it is a must-have favourite during the Diwali festivals.

Here at Royal Nawaab, we place a lot of emphasis on the importance of authenticity when it comes to Indian cuisine. After all, these sweet treats are a must-have delicacy at many Indian festivals and gatherings which is why our chefs work hard in order to provide our guests with familiar flavours that simply scream quality. To try our desserts, book your own table at our Royal Nawaab restaurant in Manchester or London today!