The Lowdown on Biryani


Here at Royal Nawaab, we understand the popularity of biryani and that is why it is a staple dish at our Manchester and London restaurants. After all, some people often confuse this rice dish for a curry when it is actually a meal on its own and is commonly enjoyed with a side of Indian style gravy, such as salan. Read on as the team here at Royal Nawaab go over everything there is to know about biryani…

There are many conflicting stories about the origins of biryani, however many agree that it originated from Persia as a rustic rice and meat dish before travelling to India where the spices that make biryani so recognisable were implemented. Eventually, the flavours managed to make their way around the world as a result of immigration and colonisation.

There are four main components that make up an authentic biryani: rice, meat, spices and a marinade. With this said, the way that they are used will often differ depending on where they are made as coastal regions tend to opt for fish and shrimp, whereas inland areas of Indian will typically utilise chicken, goat, mutton or beef meat instead. In addition to this, the meat is often marinated in a spiced-yogurt sauce prior to cooking in order to develop the best flavours.

Whilst a western take on biryani tends to implement very similar flavours across the board, it is actually possible to find a wide range of different types of biryani across India, and each one is named after the place where it was created. For example, Sindhi biryani is popular in Pakistan and is known for its spicy and aromatic fragrance; Hyderabadi biryani is seasoned with saffron and coconut and often incorporates goat meat; and finally, Ambur biryani is one of the most famous varieties and involves cooking the meat and rice separately before they are combined with mint and curd.

When it comes to a dish as popular as biryani, it is important that authentic flavours are implemented in order to provide the diner with an experience they will never forget. After all, it can take chefs many years to perfect the techniques involved in cooking a traditional biryani recipe. To find out more information about the flavour profile of this exquisite rice dish, get in contact with the best Indian restaurant around and speak to a member of the Royal Nawaab team today!