The History of Pakistani Cuisine


Here at Royal Nawaab, we want our readers to recognise the distinctive ways that food can change depending on where in the world it is made. In fact, these styles of cooking are known as a cuisine, and they can be heavily influenced by the culture of a country and the techniques that are utilised by the people who live there. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about the history of Pakistani cuisine…

When India managed to gain independence from the UK in 1947, it was separated into two and this allowed the sovereign state of Pakistan to emerge. In fact, the land that is currently known as Pakistan can be traced back almost 9,000 years which allows historians to see the path that was taken in order to develop the distinctive cuisine and culture that we know and recognise today. After all, Pakistani cuisine was refined over thousands of years and is extremely rich in tradition which means that the dishes and customs are incredibly important to the Pakistani people.

When Islam was first introduced in Pakistan during the 8th century, the countries cuisine was significantly altered due to the religion, which forbids the consumption of pork and alcohol. As a result, the people of Pakistan naturally shifted towards other meats and ingredients. The 15th century also presented significant changes to Pakistani cuisine as the Mongol Empire introduced a new style of cooking to the area, implementing herbs and spices into otherwise bland dishes. Interestingly, Mughlai dishes like tandoori chicken and shashi tukra are still popular in Pakistan today.

Since the population of Pakistan is 97% Muslim, popular dishes will often implement goat, lamb, chicken and fish. With this said, the access to fish and other seafood is often dependant on the geographical location of the inhabitants. Thankfully, centuries of historical influence and culture has allowed Pakistani cuisine to develop recognisable characteristics of its own that rely on the implementation of distinctive spices, flavours and meats.

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