The Lowdown on Pakoras


There are dozens of snacks in Indian cuisine that have become a western favourite such as the onion bhaji, samosas, and even Naan bread. After all, a hearty supply of spices are used in order to create a flavour profile that traditional western delicacies just cannot compete with. Pakoras are another popular Indian snack that are regularly found in South Asian restaurants within the UK. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about them…

What are Pakoras?

As a subset of the bhaji, a pakora is a fried snack that originates from the Indian Subcontinent. Although they may look incredibly similar, the two foods differ from one another because the batter for Pakora doesn’t contain any water and this key key variation is what provides the snack with a crispy texture that is vastly different from the soft texture of a bhaji.

How are Pakoras made?

A traditional pakora is often made using vegetables like onion, potatoes, cabbage and bell peppers. These base ingredients are chopped to the desired size and then seasoned using a variety of spices like coriander, mint leaves, green chillies, crushed ginger, garam masala and salt. After mixing together the vegetables and spices, they should be set aside for 10 minutes before chickpea flour and rice flour are added in order to turn the mixture into a thick dough. The moisture from the vegetables should be enough to allow it to obtain this consistency. In order to cook the dough, oil should be heated in a pan and small portions should be dropped into it, stirring at all times in order to ensure it cooks evenly. Once they turn a light golden colour, the fresh Pakoras can be removed from the oil and served.

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