A Simple Guide to Halal Meat


Here at Royal Nawaab, we recognise our popularity amongst the Asian community and this means that we have a responsibility to provide our diners with authentic dishes that have been prepared as traditionally as possible. As a result, all of the meat that is served at our Manchester and London establishments is 100% Halal and purchased from prominent suppliers across the country. Read on as we explain what Halal is and why it is so important to both our customers and our company…

Halal is an Arabic word that means ‘lawful’ or permitted’ and is the opposite of Haram which means ‘unlawful’ or ‘prohibited’. These words are applied to all aspects of life such as food, meat, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Although the majority of items are easy to distinguish, others are labelled as Mashbooh which means ‘doubtful’ or ‘questionable’.

In regards to food and meat produce, all foods are considered Halal as long as they are free from components that Muslims are forbidden from consuming according to Islamic law, and are processed, made, produced and manufactured with utensils, equipment and machinery that has been cleaned with regards to Islamic law. After all, Muslims eat to maintain health and nutrition which is why alcohol, lard and meat derived from pigs are all considered Haram.

There is a common misconception about the meaning of Halal meat and the way that it is prepared. Simply put, Halal products have been prepared according to Islamic Law. This is because Islam believes that all life is sacred and subsequently places a lot of emphasis on the way an animals’ life ends. After all, Muslims believe that an animals’ life should only be taken ‘in the name of God’ if it must end in order for human survival, which is why the phrase Bishmillah is uttered before each slaughter takes place.

Muslims are only allowed to consume meat that has been prepared according to Islamic law and there are certain rules in place in order to reduce the suffering of the animal during this process. For example, animals must not see another animal be slaughtered, they must be treated well at all times, the knife should never be sharpened in their presence, and the animal should not be in an uncomfortable position during the process. In addition to this, the slaughterer should be a sane adult Muslim and they must say ‘in the name of God’ beforehand in order to emphasise the sanctity of the life being taken.

The UK is an incredibly multicultural country, however there is still a lot of ignorance when it comes to Halal meat. After all, many people do not understand how it is implemented or why it is important in the Muslim faith. Here at Royal Nawaab, we work hard in order to source all of our meat from reputable suppliers in order to ensure that it is Halal. To book a table, get in contact with the best Halal restaurant London has to offer today!