Should I Sit in or Take Away at a Restaurant?


There are dozens of different ways to appeal to diners in the 21st century with help of modern technology. After all, you are now able to order food from the comfort of your own home without even having to get off the sofa! With this said, there is something special about the experience of visiting a restaurant and ordering your food. Read on as we analyse the age-old question of whether it is better to sit-in to dine or order your food to take-away…

The Experience

We all love to shake things up a bit, leave the pots and pans in the cupboard and jump in the car for a bit of grub. After all, there is truly nothing better than consuming a well-cooked dish when it has been prepared by someone else. One of the best parts about choosing to eat in a restaurant is the entire experience as you are waited on by a dedicated and hardworking team and, perhaps the best bit, you don’t have to do the washing up afterwards! With this said, a takeaway can be exciting too as the sheer aroma of food as the delivery driver knocks on the door is enough to send your tastebuds crazy.

To Dine or Not to Dine

Making the decision to leave the house may feel like trying to solve a complicated maths equation, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult when you weigh up the pros and cons. For instance, spending time with friends or family, particularly those you haven’t seen in a while, is the perfect excuse for a big celebration in a local restaurant whereas a quiet night in with your other half may see you lean towards a takeaway and the TV instead. Furthermore, it is easier to know your limit and avoid over-eating when you have your food pre-prepared in the form of a takeaway.


Although we all like to think otherwise, the easiest solution is usually the most appealing. After all, takeaways are popular for a reason because they cut out the middle man, reduce the need for cooking and can be delivered within the hour. If convenience is what you are looking for then picking up a takeaway provides all of the excitement with none of the hassle. That isn’t to say that restaurant dining isn’t convenient though as it is just as enjoyable but tends to require just a little more effort from diners in terms of leaving the home for an extended period of time.

Here at Royal Nawaab, we provide a buffet-style dining experience for customers who prefer the traditional approach to eating out as well as a takeaway menu for those who want to put their feet up in front of the TV. After all, we recognise that every diner is different and should be provided with options accordingly. For more information, get in contact with the best restaurant London has to offer and speak to a member of the Royal Nawaab team today!