The Spiciest Dishes in India


Whilst there is a common misconception that Indian food is incredibly spicy and that those with a non-existent spice tolerance should stay clear of it, it is important to remember that there are also a variety of mild dishes that actually makes Indian cuisine the popular delicacy it is today. With this said, a hot curry made by authentic Indian chefs certainly has the power to knock your socks off! Read on as we go over three of the spiciest dishes that come from India…


Originally from Goa in India, a vindaloo curry is bursting with flavour thanks to the ingredients it is cooked with such as garlic, vinegar, jaggery and Kashmiri chilli. Interestingly, an authentic vindaloo is not made with potatoes even though ‘aloo’ actually means just that in Hindi and is a dry-sauced based dish that has an average score of 250,000 SHU on the Scoville scale.

Laal Maas

This Indian dish tastes as spicy as it sounds and is surprisingly non-vegetarian even though it comes from the predominantly vegetarian state of Rajasthan. After all, Laal Maas actually means ‘red meat’ and is a thick, gravy-style curry that is made from curd and a range of spices, including hot chillies. In fact, it has a daring red colour which comes from the incredibly hot Mathania chilli.


As a rich and fiery lamb meatball curry, rista is certainly not an Indian dish for the faint-hearted! The meatballs themselves are prepared in red chilli powder and fennel seeds are dispersed throughout in order to give it a powerful kick that will leave your mouth tingling and your tastebuds longing for more. There is nothing tastier than an authentic rista, but those unfamiliar with spice should definitely approach with caution.

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