Understanding the Art of Indian Cuisine and Cooking


Although a person can train to become a cook, there is a particular gift found in each and every chef that allows an individual to fully understand their way around a kitchen with ease and grace. After all, a lot of amateur chefs tend to struggle to understand how to implement spice within a dish so that the flavours complement one another accordingly. Read on as the Royal Nawaab team go over everything there is to know about the art of Indian cuisine and cooking…


From turmeric to paprika and saffron to garam masala, it is safe to say that spices play an important fundamental role in Indian cuisine so it is vital that every Indian chef understands how to use them according to the needs of a dish. As a general rule, whole spices should be added at the start of the cooking process so that they can infuse and release their natural oils whereas ground spices are typically added halfway through for a smaller kick or colour change.

Taste Test

A great chef will always taste their food as it simmers away on the hob because it is the only way to understand how much of a particular ingredient you need to add in order to bring out the best flavour. After all, the flavour profile of a dish will change as the ingredients cook, particularly when you are working with Indian spices that are meant to infuse slowly.


Indian cuisine is a lot more complex than Western food because there are so many ingredients that are incorporated into a single dish in order to create an explosion of flavour in the mouth. Although you may be tempted to veer from the recipe, it is wise to stick to the rules until you understand the intricacies of Indian cuisine as an individual style of cooking. Only then should you try to experiment with flavour and aroma.

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