Pakistani Cuisine in an Indian Setting

August 27, 2013

Nawaab Manchester prides itself not only on the excellent Indian Cuisine that it provides but also the wide variety of delicious Pakistani dishes that it has to offer. The two cuisines draw on similar influences and flavours so complement each other perfectly. When you dine at Nawaab there is no reason to choose between Indian and Pakistani cuisine, you can enjoy both of them simultaneously.

Indian Restaurants are wildly popular in Britain with the cuisine amongst the countries favourites. A staple of Friday nights for so many UK citizens; Indian Cuisine has become an integral part of the culture. Despite this and the large Pakistani communities up and down the country; Pakistani restaurants are not as common and many people are unfamiliar with their cuisine.

Pakistani cuisine shares a lot of similar tastes and qualities with its Indian counterpart and it often finds itself included in the menu at Indian Restaurants. The Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh in particular offer very similar delicacies as Northern India. Like Indian cuisine, food from this region is often characterised by strong seasonings and spices.

The climate of India and Pakistan benefits the cultivating of spices such as turmeric, cardamom, black pepper and mustard. This leads to extensive use of the spices in the countries culinary wares. The region of Punjab in particular uses these spice freely in their large range of dishes.

Like Indian food, Punjabi cuisine uses a lot of masala in preparation. Flavouring rice and whole wheat; the masala can create a wide range of unique flavours depending upon the concoction of spices used.

Restaurants in the Punjab region are known for creating very decadent dishes. Liberal amounts of ghee, clarified butter and cream are common throughout their cuisine. These rich tastes create delicious treats for the aficionados of Pakistani cuisine.

Curried dishes are prevalent throughout the diets of many Pakistani residents. Dishes popular in Indian Restaurants in Britain enjoy similar high esteem in Pakistan. Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh