The Instagramming Food Craze is Here to Stay

February 17, 2014

There is no doubt that with the advent of the internet has come an influx of fads that have come and gone more readily than ever before. The ability to share new crazes with millions of people around the World with just one click of a button ensures that fads can take off almost instantaneously but it also means that they can become cliché and tired quicker than ever giving them a shorter lifespan.

However, one of the most enduring fads of the internet age seems to be the act of Instagramming food. Even though it irritates as many people as it delights, the craze is continuing as strong as ever and is becoming some people’s favourite part of dining out.

For the uninitiated, Instagramming food involves using a mobile device to take a photograph of food, either made at home or eaten in a restaurant, and uploading it to the internet via social media or a blog. It is usually acted out by ‘foodies’ who want to demonstrate how skilled a chef they are or how they are living life in the culinary fast lane.

Nawaab Manchester is no different as customers delight in showing off the incredible range of different Indian cuisines they have married together to their online friends, fans and followers.

Some restaurants have taken the slightly unsociable step of banning the act from their premises. Almost Famous, the hipster burger restaurant in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, have placed signs on their walls warning people that they do not allow photography of their food. Although, in-keeping with their edgy image, Almost Famous like to remain strictly counter-culture so may just be eschewing this popular trend of the moment.

Writing for The Times of India, Harsh Jhaveri, has realised that his love of Instagramming his food has driven a wedge in between him and his fellow diners. After growing tired of his tireless love of photographing food, his cousins have no moved to take away his smart phone whenever they dine out together. Before taking this action, the hungry cousins were coerced by Jhaveri to wait until photos had been taken before they could tuck in.

Despite these challenges, it looks like social media and blogs will soon have even more pictures of food adorning their pages than pictures of lolcats and Justin Bieber.