Can Indian spices help fight cancer?

September 9, 2016

Can Indian spices help fight cancer?

An organic revolution could be underway at the labs located inside BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) where scientists are utilising Indian spices and herbs in order to develop new anti-cancer drugs, which are supposed to be affordable with fewer side effects.

According to scientists, besides adding vibrant colours and flavour to food, Indian spices and herbs can help prevent- and to a certain extent, help fight- cancer alongside other modern medicines. BARC’s bio-science group have developed a chemotherapeutic drug which has shown an influence against lung cancer and neuroblastoma in mice. The herbal drug is intended to decrease the burdens of tumours whilst increasing the efficacy of the usual chemotherapy drugs which are taken alongside. The benefits of herbal drugs include: few side-effects and less expenses in comparison to modern drugs.

BARC has also developed two other drugs which are called radiomodifiers and radioprotectors which are in various stages of release. Radiomodifiers are intended to enhance the effect of radiotherapy and protect tissues. The herbal drug is currently waiting for a patent and when it is approved, it will undergo clinical trials in Mumbai.

On the other hand, the radioprotector is supposed to protect mice from the radiation which is endured during studies and the damages it can cause- as well as increasing their lifespan.

The experiments with Indian spices and herbs are bringing positive results and findings which are said to potentially make an extensive difference and start a revolution towards fighting cancer.

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