The Glossary of Curries

November 22, 2016

Curry is no doubt a very special dish when it comes to Indian and Pakistani cuisine. It is a staple food which makes up the diet of many. In fact, it has become a favourite of many UK residents, particularly the Tikka Masala. Here is a brief glossary of all things curry…

Bhuna – The spices in this dish are fried in a lot of oil to enhance their flavours. The meat is added to the spices and both are cooked in their own juices. This style gives strong flavour but little sauce. It is a very spicy curry complete with a thick sauce.

Korma – Best known as the coolest of all dishes, a good korma is not bland yet described as very mild in menus. It is made with ground almonds, coconut and cream which gives it a very creamy taste.

Tikka Masala – Perhaps the most famous Indian dish in the UK, the tikka masala is loved by many. Chicken tikka pieces should be slightly smoky in this dish and the masala sauce is well spiced. In contrast to other dishes, the masala is not as hot, rich or creamy but does have a hint of coconut added to it. The sauce is typically deep red.

Here at Nawaab, we are crazy about curries! It’s always nice when customers know the difference between the different types of curries that we sell. On the other hand, this isn’t always the case. That is why we’ve put together a short glossary of the most infamous curries the Indian cuisine offers. Make sure to check out the best Indian Restaurant London has to offer!