The Unspoken Rules of Dining Out

September 19, 2017

Whilst we may not have them officially noted down, the British are very good at abiding by the unspoken rules of etiquette. For example, nobody tell us to calmly form a line in the most busiest of places however we demonstrated our ‘queuing superpower back in May when concert goers attending an Ed Sheeran show formed their own line when the crowds became too much for the formal barriers. Likewise, this etiquette is also applicable to various other industries, including dining out. Here are the unspoken rules to remember next time you visit a restaurant…

Call Ahead

Most restaurants are happy to cater for certain dietary requirements however you cannot expect them to be prepared on the day unless the establishment specialises in those types of dishes. For example, some restaurants can check their stock and order in lactose free cheese however turning up on the day expecting a margarita pizza isn’t going to happen. Always try to call ahead of your visit.


Eating out is supposed to be a relaxing experience away from the stress of having to cook whilst allowing each family member to choose a different dish however this can be spoilt by another group conversing a little too loud. Unfortunately as a restaurant we can’t remove customers from the establishment on these grounds so it is only right that you behave in a way you’d like others to behave around you and this involves controlling your noise levels.

Plan the Payment

One of the most stressful parts of a waiter or waitresses’ job is dealing with a payment from a group of individuals all paying separately. Most of the time some of these will pay by card whilst others will opt for cash, making the situation very confusing. You can save this unnecessary stress by planning the way you will pay in a big group before getting the attention of your server.

Here at Royal Nawaab we love having guests come and grab a bite to eat in our restaurant however nothing makes service better than those who stick to the dining rules. From dietary requirements to the volume of your chatter, you should have a great time whilst also being respectful of your surroundings too. For more information or to book a table, get in contact with the best halal restaurant in London today!