How To Plan For The Perfect Dawat

April 19, 2018

Hosting a party for family and friends is something we all love to do. When invitations are sent, and you have put up the decorations, there’s still the food to prepare. But with so many factors to consider, deciding on what to include on your menu can be challenging.

To make your dawat or party go ahead without any problems, we’ve assembled a list of factors to consider in your planning. Regardless of whether it is a dinner dawat, hi-tea or even a brunch, follow our simple tips and everything will go smoothly:

Number of People

Your menu will be influenced before you’ve even started making it by the size of your party. The larger the crowd you’re hosting, the better it will be to stick to a menu that is simple and full of crowd-pleasers. For example, biryani, karahi, Haleem, and kebab are all popular items that the majority will love. If the guestlist is small, then you can experiment with more complex recipes.


If children will be attending the party, then make some dishes that are mildly spiced. Pasta, noodles, burgers and fries always go down well with the children. They will also eat less, so keep a note of that when deciding on the quantity you are going to prepare. Older guests will prefer much more traditional dishes such as mutton pulao over biryani or beef stew. Moderate the amount of oil, salt and sugar you use in dishes for children or elderly people.

Dietary restrictions

Always check whether the guests you invite have any dietary restrictions or allergies. Check if any are vegetarian, allergic to seafood or nuts (which can cause serious illness), or if they are diabetic. If only one or two have strict dietary restrictions, you can create a dish that they can eat that will also be enjoyed by the rest of the party.

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